The Tempo range has elegant curves and designs which brings flair and style to the discerning market. Each piece of furniture comes with high level detailing, created using a 5mm half-moon weave on the main body of the chairs and tables and finishing around the edges with a 5mm round weave for greater definition.
This collection hosts a range of chairs and different sized tables available in ‘Italian White Stone’ weave as well as the option to combine the chairs with our ‘New Resysta’ by Supremo wood look tables. The flexibility within this collection brings a mix and match dimension which offers consumers greater choice. Resysta has the attributes of wood without the maintenance and aftercare natural wood requires yet it retains the feel we all love about wooden products. This revolutionary material is water and mould resistant and will not crack or splinter due to its high fibre density

Basilio 130cm Round 4 Seat Set

Alonzo Dual Reclining Set

Enzio 270 x 120cm Oval 8 Seat Set

Enzio 200 x 120cm Oval 6 Seat Set

Enzio Lounge Set

Alonzo Dual Lounge Set

Basilio Love Seat with Footrest

Basilio 200x120cm Oval 6 Seat Set

Basilio 270x120cm Oval 8 Seat Set

Ambrogio 2 Seat Set

Basilio Lounge Set

Petite Enzio 110cm Round 4 Seat Set

Petite Enzio 135cm Round 6 Seat Set

San Remo In Between Set

Enzio Modular Dining Set